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Meet the OKM family: Engineers, technicians, support consultants, trainers and many more: United by the drive to create unique products and best services for treasure hunters, archaeologists and geotechnical engineers.

We are OKM

  • United by the inspiration to create unique and easy-to-use products.
  • United by the drive to exceed the highest quality standards and offer best services.
  • United by the pride of providing technological solutions to specific professional groups worldwide.
  • United by the passion for treasure hunting.


Andreas Krauss

Founder and
Managing Director

The passionate treasure hunter and inventor developed his first 3D ground scanner with a visual 3D representation of buried objects in 1998 – the beginning of the company OKM. His passion is still the invention and development of new special features and unique detection technologies.

Stephan A. Grund


New spirit of innovation since 2019: The entrepreneur and founder of Caterwings dedicates his professional experience in business administration and management as well as his strategic expertise, intercultural skills and fresh ideas to OKM.

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