OKM Türkiye, OKM Almanya'nın ortağıdır!


Your success stories prove the capabilities of OKM detectors. Moreover, your contributions spur to even greater discoveries! Hence, OKM launches its first Discovery Challenge.

Starting in June 2020, we regularly invite treasure hunters to post pictures of their treasure finds and discoveries.


And the winner is …

No matter if coin treasure, historic artifact, tunnel, bunker or militaria, we nominate and award the oldest discovery, the most valuable find, the deepest discovery, the smallest find, … Every challenge has a particular topic that will be announced in advance.


Do you accept our challenge?

Treasure hunters can share their finds during the challenge week from Sunday to Sunday. Particiants are of course invited to take part several times during the running challenge and also in various challenges.

Post photos of your find and additional information (what is it, how old is it, historical context, found with which OKM detector?). We look forward to your contributions!


Join now!

Join the OKM challenge in our social networks or tell us your treasure story directly via contact form:

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