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Are you a user of OKM metal detectors, ground scanners or geophysical instruments and have a treasure story by yourself? Share your success story with OKM by using the online form below (or via e-mail): Send us details about your finds and discoveries and which metal detector you used.

Your success stories prove the capabilities of OKM detectors

  • What did you discover/find?
  • Which detector did you use to detect your tresure?
  • How deep did you find your treasure?
  • In which region or landscape did you find the treasure?
  • Do you have any information on the find (historic background)?

Please include pictures (.jpg), scan images (.v3d) and any additional information you would like to share with other treasure hunters.

Contribute to the OKM Blog (anonymously)

Submitted treasure stories will be published anonymously: neither names nor places will be mentioned, if not explicitly requested.

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