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After intensive development, precise work and practical tests, our engineers are convinced that each OKM detector meets our highest standards and costumers’ expectations. We guarantee best quality Made in Germany.

The development of the unique OKM detectors takes place at the headquarters in Altenburg, Germany, starting from research and brainstorming via handmade production up to the delivery of the metal detector to the customer. The internal departments responsible for the development and production of metal detectors are:

  • Circuit board design and placement
  • Mold design and construction
  • Software development and programming
  • Detector assembly and testing
  • Sales, service and support

From Idea to Prototype

Sometimes it is a certain situation, that sparks the desire for a special problem solution, and sometimes it is an individual wish of our customers, where our inventors and engineers get their ideas of innovation. In order to meet the functionality requirements, a prototype is designed with technical expertise. Both the design and programming of the circuit boards and the prototypical device designs are created directly at the Research and Development department in Altenburg.

From Prototype to Product

After the feasibility has been confirmed, software and hardware are further refined: While programming, display optimization and app development are in progress, detector designs and transport accessories are being modified. The final prototype is tested for functionality, reliability and strength, practicality and user-friendliness. As soon as all features are convincing, the metal detector is ready to be launched on the market.

Each Product is Handmade

Both the placement of small components and the assembly of the detector are carried out by trained specialists. The specialty of OKM detectors: Every single device is manufactured by hand at the headquarters in Altenburg – true quality made in Germany.

High Demands on German Engineering

After intensive research and development, precise work and detailed practical tests, our engineers are convinced that each of our OKM detectors meets our highest standards as well as our costumers’ high expectations. We are proud to present our certified detectors as “Made in Germany” and hence guarantee precise manual work, robust devices, simple and intuitive usage as well as innovative software.

OKM Services Reach Beyond the Purchase of a Detector

Even after the purchase of an OKM detector, our service programs OKM Direct and OKM Care provide customers with comprehensive technical assistance and expert support in evaluating the measurement results. In addition to online support, we also offer intensive training at our headquarters. Our support team looks forward to your requests.

More about OKM Direct & OKM Care

* All citizens of the EU are required to pay 16% value added tax (VAT) according to the German law.