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Windows Tablet PC

Windows Tablet PC

750,00 EURO

  • Lightweight:  Tablet PC with long-lasting battery
  • Visualization tool:  for 3D scan analyses of detected objects and anomalies
  • re-configured: with hardware drivers and software tools including Visualizer 3D

The 10″ multi-touch Windows Tablet PC is the visualization tool for the metal detector OKM Fusion Professional Plus. The device comes fully pre-configured with all necessary hardware drivers and software tools. This Windows Tablet PC provides accurate 3D scan analyses of detected items and anomalies utilizing the software Visualizer 3D.
The Tablet PC is equipped with a Windows operating system as well as OKM’s application software and USB device drivers.
Thanks to its lightweight construction, it weights less than 1 kg and so it is ideally suited for field operation. The Tablet PC facilitates the rapid evaluation of your measurement values. Thus the graphical analysis of hidden artifacts such as gold and silver treasures as well as graves, tombs or underground caves and hollows are possible on-site. The high-contrast display of the Tablet PC guarantees a trouble-free operation under poor lighting conditions during dawn, at night or even in dark caves, treasure chambers and underground grave sites.
The most important features of the Windows Tablet PC are:

  • Windows operating system
  • Multi-touch screen (1920 x 1200 pixels)
  • Long lasting battery of about 8 hours
  • weight of approx. 700 grams
  • Pre-configured with Visualizer 3D software and USB device drivers

All compatible metal detectors by OKM are transferring measured scan data to the Windows Tablet PC without any data loss. After that, the software Visualizer 3D displays a colored 3D representation of your underground objects like gold or silver treasures as well as artifacts, underground cavities, caves, tunnels or treasure chests. Utilizing the 3D software you will find the estimated positions, depths and dimensions of your hidden treasures.
The Windows Tablet PC is included in the scope of delivery of selected metal detectors. It is also available as optional accessory (additional charge) for further detectors.

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