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Pulse Nova Delta

Pulse Nova Delta

1.990,00 EURO +KDV

It includes a 38 cm and 18 cm open Delta Header. It can detect all objects in the precious and non-precious metal category up to a maximum depth of 50 cm with the small coil, and up to a maximum depth of 3 meters with the large coil.



It is the first and only metal detector that can detect at this depth with the Pulse system, produced by the OKM brand specifically for Turkey and the Middle East soils. Delta and Omega coils can be easily changed upon request. The bigger the head used, the more it detects

the greater the depth. Alfa Pulse Metal detector series can easily detect objects of greater depth thanks to the strong signals it sends underground.

The deepest possible detection of metal objects on the ground always depends on factors such as the size and position of the objects and the structure of the ground. These factors generally apply to all metal detectors.

  • The larger the object, the deeper the metal detector can detect it.
  • The longer the object is underground, the better it can be detected.
  • The size of the metal detector’s coil is directly proportional to the detection of larger and deeper objects.
  • The conductivity, shape and location of the object are decisive for the accuracy of detection.
  • Soil composition and soil layers affect the measurement depth.

Compared to passive measurement OKM ground scanners, the Alfa Pulse metal detector series has another advantage: it achieves precise measured values even in heavily mineralized soils and thus can directly detect natural gold and jewelery made of precious metals.
Header tests under optimum conditions (Test Environment: Air, Sensitivity: Maximum)
OKM achieved the following depth performances with Alfa Pulse Plus Series:

  Delta 18 and Omega 18 Search Coil Delta 38 and Omega 38 Search Coil Frame Head Xi104
Natural Gold ⌀ 5 mm 18 cm 17 cm Ignored
Gold Money ⌀ 20 mm 23 cm 25 cm Ignored
Gold Ring ⌀ 22 mm 17 cm 34 cm Ignored
Silver Money ⌀ 24 mm 26 cm 35 cm Ignored
Silver Money ⌀ 40 mm 24 cm 43 cm Ignored
1 Euro (Coin) 31 cm 44 cm Ignored
Beverage Box 0,5 L 65 cm 110 cm 155 cm
Metal Canister 20 L 115 cm 180 cm 255 cm
Steel Barrel 115 cm 180 cm 310 cm


Simply turn on the metal detector, start walking and spin! Once you put on the desired headpiece, Pulse Nova Delta Plus automatically identifies it and initiates the appropriate processes for your successful treasure and gold search.

How Pulse Nova Delta Plus Detects Metal Objects?

The Pulse Nova Delta Plus metal detector follows the principle of a time-controlled oscillator that uses an alternating current to create a magnetic field in a coil. This current is sent to earth and creates eddy current and hence a reaction in the buried metal object.
creates. The resulting electrical conductivity in the metal object is detected by Pulse Nova Delta Plus as a “breakdown” – ie an anomaly – and reported by acoustic signals. In this way, jewelry made of precious metals such as gold and silver,
At the same time, ferromagnetic objects and natural gold minerals and gold nuggets can be detected directly.


Thanks to the way it works and has different coils, treasure hunters can focus well on target objects: Large searchcoil and frame coil, small objects such as bottle caps, single coins and small pieces of aluminum foil
may not be detected. Make sure to choose the appropriate title for the application area and target object.

Large Search Coils: The large magnetic field detects larger objects in general.

Small Search Coils: Small magnetic field detects smaller objects in general.

Intuitive Metal Detector

Clearly Configured Control Panel

Pulse Nova Delta Plus can find metal objects buried in a variety of soils without having to dig the area first. Thanks to the ease of use of the Pulse Nova Delta Plus metal detector and the interchangeable search coils, the results can be obtained quickly and easily.

The control unit has two rotary knobs to adjust the sensitivity and volume. For a particularly intuitive and language-independent operation, the screen has been completely removed. By means of acoustic alerts, detected metal objects are transmitted directly to the user via a speaker or Bluetooth headset.

Telescopic Rod for Easy Operation


Pulse Nova Delta Plus supplied with telescopic rod. This has an adjustable arm support so that the metal detector stands comfortably and stably in your hand. The length of the link can be adjusted arbitrarily.

In just a few simple steps, the control unit and a flashlight to the telescopic rod on top. can be worn. The desired search coil is attached to the lower end. Only the framed head can not be used with the telescopic rod.

Pinpoint Detection with Pulse Nova Delta Plus Metal Detector

When an object is detected with the Pulse Nova Delta Plus, it is time to pinpoint: First, the exact position is determined by slow sweeping movements over the object. Metal
swing the detector slowly from different directions over the detected anomaly
Continuing, gradually narrow the point of the anomaly. It shows the exact position and size of the object with an intense audio signal.




Various Search Coil Metal Detector

Pulse Nova Delta Plus metal detector,

Delta Search Coil 38 cm: Military researchers in the field and in shallow water mostly use open search coils such as Delta. The open hood is a few grams lighter and easier to use, especially underwater.

Delta Search Coil 18 cm: It easily detects small objects that cannot be detected by large coils up to a maximum depth of 50 cm.

Choose the design that suits your usage area! There is no difference between OKM Omega and OKM Delta searchcoils in terms of functionality and range.

Additional Search Coils for Expanded Implementation Possibilities

The Pulse Nova Delta Plus metal detector is equipped with Delta 38 and Delta 18 coils. These searchcoils are ideal for gold prospecting, treasure hunting, military search and explosive ordnance disposal. Because the Delta Search coil is waterproof, it can be used in salt water as well as in shallow waters such as streams, rivers and lakes.

Advantage of the small searchcoil: The small searchcoil can be attached to the telescopic rod in just a few steps. Thanks to its smaller diameter, it creates a smaller magnetic field and thus provides less search depth. Advantage: Can detect smaller objects such as gold nuggets and earrings that the large cap might have “overlooked”.



Exchangeable probes

Exchangeable Heads

Height adjustment

Height Adjustment

Pulse Induction

Inductive Search Coil

LED lighting

LED Lighting

Live Sound

Live Sound

Rechargeable high-capacity battery

High Capability Rechargable Battery



Wireless technology

Wireless Technology


Explosive Ordnance Disposal Services
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Services
Militaria Detection
Militaria Detection
Natural Gold Prospection
Natural Gold Detection
Public Services
Community Services
Treasure Hunting
Treasure Hunting
OKM Search Services
OKM Search Services

      • Control Unit

      • Telescopic Rod

      • Bluetooth Headphone

      • LED Flashlight

      • Travel Adapter

      • Battery

      • Delta Search Coil (38 cm Open Coil)

      • Delta Search Coil (18 cm Open Coil)

Control Unit:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 180 x 115 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 0.64 kg
  • Input Voltage (max.): 4.8 – 20 V DC, 3.16 A, 20 W
  • Security Class: IP40
  • Working Time (fully loaded, 25 ° C): approx. 8 hours
  • Charging Time @ 19 V: approx. 3 hours
  • Feedback: Acoustic
  • Working Temperature: 0 ° C – 40 ° C
  • Storage Temperature: –20 ° C – 70 ° C
  • Waterproof: No

Telescopic Rod:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 630 – 1023 x 115 x 200 mm
  • Weight: 0.90 kg

Search Coil 38 cm:

  • Diameter: Ø 375 mm
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Cable Length: approx. 1.5 m
  • Approximate weight: 0.80 kg
  • Technology: Bifilar Mono Coil, High Voltage Pulse Induction
  • Waterproof: Yes

Search Coil 18 cm:

  • Diameter: Ø 175 mm
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Cable Length: approx. 1.5 m
  • Approximate weight: 0.4 kg
  • Technology: Bifilar Mono Coil, High Voltage Pulse Induction
  • Waterproof: Yes


NEW ALFA PULSE SERIES: Metal detector with interchangeable heads, specially designed Pulse system for TURKEY and MIDDLE EAST.

Pulse Nova Delta Plus General Features

  • Detection feature up to a maximum depth of 3 meters.

  • Faster scanning in large areas.

  • Easy to detect objects thanks to pinpointer.

  • It is suitable for working in areas with dense minerals and in salt water.

  • Easily changeable probes.

  • Special waterproof head for gold prospecting in shallow water.