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[NEW] OKM Rover UC – 2022

[NEW] OKM Rover UC – 2022

10.900,00 EURO

  • Features: With the new function, which can be controlled by the smart watch instead of the controller, you can count your steps with fitness activity tracking while you work and review your heart rate details from the heart rate menu.
  • Designed as trekking pole which makes easy to transport and operate, resulting in a 3D view of objects and spaces under the ground, precious worthless metal separation, depth and aspect ratio through the shots made with this device.

  • Measuring Depth: 20 meter
  • Use  Cases:  Archeological Actions, Geophysical and Geotechnical Actions, Mining Issues, Agricultural Works, Tunnel, Space, Room, Tube, Cable and Cable Lines and Metal Object Detection

  • Operating Modes: Ground Scan, Pinpointer, Magnetometer

The Rover UC is based on proven, reliable and powerful technology of the Rover Series, where many details are optimized and improved.

Like OKM’s renowned 3D ground scanners, the Rover UC convinces with its perfect blend of usability, functionality, ergonomics and design, too. With its minimal weight of only 500 g (17.6 oz) and a length of only 67 cm (26″) when folded, the 3D ground scanner can be taken anywhere.

Advantages of the Rover UC at a Glance

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Compact and height adjustable
  • Disguised as a trekking pole
  • Integrated fitness activity tracking (pedometer, heart rate monitor)
  • Integrated compass and GPS (disengageable)
  • Incl. Android Smartwatch as control unit with direct display of scan images
  • Ready for immediate use – no computer required for initial measurements
  • Incl. pre-configured notebook with detection software Visualizer 3D Studio
  • Operating Modes: Magnetometer, Pinpointer and 3D Ground Scan
  • Basic target discrimination (ferrous/non-ferrous/cavities)
  • Integrated rechargeable battery (charged via USB-C cable) with 48h operating time.

Intuitive 3D Ground Scanner with Android Smartwatch

The integrated fitness tracker not only turns the Rover UC into a multifunctional trekking pole, but also completes its camouflage. If the Rover UC user is discovered and attracts suspicion, he can open the activity screen by only one click, which – as usual for fitness applications – will display the pedometer and heart rate.

Height Adjustment

Thanks to the telescopic rod, the height of the Rover UC can be individually adjusted to the height of the treasure hunter in order to guarantee a comfortable posture. Another positive effect of the height adjustment: With increasing length, the sensors in the detector detect more sensitively and are thus even more capable of detecting smaller objects at greater depths.

Smart Treasure Hunting with Fitness Tracking and Compass

To further emphasize the function of a trekking pole, a compass is also integrated. However, this not only assists with orientation in the terrain, but is also of great advantage for 3D ground scans: Experience shows that treasure hunters achieve better results with measurements in a north-south (or south-north) orientation, since the measurement paths follow the earth’s natural magnetic field.

Multifunctional and Powerful: OKM Sensor Technology

The multifunctional Rover UC detector is based on the reliable and powerful OKM sensor technology. This allows treasure hunters to detect objects such as jewelry, coins, artifacts, boxes and chests as well as chambers, graves or tunnel systems hidden in the underground.
Thanks to the implementation of modern and power-saving components as well as an integrated rechargeable battery, the detector can be used for several hours.


Sounds are not only essential for VLF detectors, but also play an important role in the Rover UC 3D ground scanner:

  • giving feedback in the operating mode Magnetometer
  • as a metronome to support the performance of 3D Ground Scan measurements

To ensure the undercover character of the detector, Bluetooth headphones can be connected to the smartwatch or alternatively to a smartphone. This way, only the treasure hunter can hear the acoustic signals without attracting attention.


Vibration can additionally be switched on in the App’s settings menu. Haptic feedback is especially helpful when the sound is turned off.


The small display on the handle of the Rover UC provides a brief overview with information on charging status, connection status, steps counted (pedometer) and orientation (compass). Furthermore, the progress of the current scan line is displayed during the 3D ground scan measurement.

The OKM App provides visual feedback on the Android smartwatch or alternatively on the smartphone:

In the operating mode 3D Ground Scan, the scan field is generated scan line by scan line as a 2D image during the measurement. After the scan has been finished and saved, the scan image can be enlarged and rotated via smartwatch touchscreen in order to analyze it in more detail in the resulting 3D image.


Introduction of OKM Rover UC:

How to use the undercover detector Rover UC:

3D Visualization

3D Ground Scan

Color display / Touchscreen

GPS (disengageable)


Height adjustment

Live Sound

Multilingual operation

Wireless technology


Cavity Detection

Militaria Detection

Treasure Hunting

OKM Search Services

1x Wireless Telescopic Probe
1x Android Smartwatch with OKM Rover Uc App
1x Bluetooth headphones
1x Pre-configured Windows notebook
1x Software Visualizer 3D Studio Standart Edition
1x Chargers, USB-C cable and travel adapter
1x Carying bag
1x Quick Start Guide
1x Android Smartphone with OKM Rover UC App

Telescopic Probe

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 730 – 1400 x 40 x 60 mm
  • Weight: about 0.65 kg
  • Operating temperature: –10°C – 50°C
  • Storage temperature: –20°C – 60°C
  • Waterproof: No
  • Processor: Dual-system, Atmel AtMega CPU, 20 MHz
  • Voltage: 2x AA Primary battery (1.5 V, 2600 mAh) or 2x Rechargeable NiMh (1.2 V, 2600 mAh)
  • Operating time: about 10 h
  • Air humidity: 5% – 75%
  • Sensor technology: SCMI-15-D
  • Technology: GST / EMSR
  • Interconnect: Bluetooth, Class 2

Computer minimum requirements

  • CD-ROM drive: minimum 4x
  • Interface (Data transmission): USB
  • Free disk space: minimum 50 MB
  • Working memory (RAM): minimum 256 MB
  • Graphic card: minimum 128 MB, OpenGL-compatible
  • Processor: minimum 1.2 GHz
  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Data transmission

  • Technology: Bluetooth
  • Frequency: 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz
  • Maximum Transfer Rate: 1 Mbps
  • Receiving Sensitivity: –85 dBm
  • Maximum Range: approx. 10 m

The technical data are average values. Minor deviations are possible during operation.