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Alfa Pulse PLUS


Alfa Pulse PLUS

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OKM brand produced specifically Turkey and the Middle East earth, is the only metal detector capable of sensing the depth of the pulse system. It contains all the titles and accessories in the image above. With this detector, you can search up to a maximum of 50 cm with small coils, and a maximum of 3 meters with large coils. In addition, specially produced Omega Heads are produced to be particularly sensitive to natural gold and precious metals close to gold.

In addition to all these features, detection can be made up to a maximum depth of 6 meters with the framed head.

      • Control Unit

      • Telescopic Rod

      • Bluetooth Headphone

      • LED Flashlight

      • Travel Adapter

      • Battery

      • Delta Search Coil (38 cm Open Coil)

      • Delta Search Coil (18 cm Open Coil)

      • Omega Search Coil (38 cm Closed Coil)

      • Omega Search Coil (18 cm Closed Coil)

      • Frame Head (With Carrying Bag)

      • Carrying Strap

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