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November 25, 2020

After a successful start of the OKM Roadshow in Germany, our dealer T-OKM took the opportunity to invite OKM representatives to their event in Istanbul, Turkey. However, not only OKM managing directors Andreas Krauss and Stephan Grund as well as consultant and trainer Peter Schubert followed T-OKM’s invitation, but also numerous interested metal detector users, treasure hunters and prospective buyers as well as persons of public interest.

Together with representatives of OKM Germany, T-OKM welcomes visitors to the Istanbul Roadshow

OKM founder and managing director Andreas Krauss presents OKM’s latest project.

During the two-day event at the WOW Hotel Istanbul, informative discussions were held, new products were presented, technologies were explained, functionalities were demonstrated directly with the detector and product trainings were held.

OKM Trainer Peter Schubert introduces the functions of the detector and gives helpful hints for the use of the OKM detector.

After the theoretical introduction: Trainer Peter Schubert demonstrates the professional ground scanner OKM eXp 6000 live outside.

On the second day of the event, the hosts also welcomed well-known personalities and celebrities such as Istanbul sports coach and soccer player Yattara, actress and model Nefise Karatay, Uludüz Media Publishing and Media Production Company owner Görkem Uludüz, Uludüz Media Manager and TV 8.5 coordinator Şeniz Ulusoy and actress Mert Baymak to the event.

OKM founder A. Krauss explains detector technologies and presents latest ideas.

Detector experts exchange ideas about future possibilities and visions.

One of the highlights of the two-day event was an exclusive interview with a well-known treasure hunter from the region, whose great finds and discoveries we will report more about in the future.

OKM Managing Director A. Krauss explains special features and functions of the new metal detector.

OKM managing director Stephan Grund presents further equipment, which offers additional possibilities to treasure hunters.

Lively exchange of information about the OKM detector brochures and catalogs.

What is the OKM Roadshow?

The OKM Roadshow is an event that takes place in various cities around the world. It is a face-to-face event, i.e. the presentations, consultations and training sessions take place on site. Where and when exactly the events take place can be found on the OKM Website at EVENTS and by Newsletter.

With the roadshow the manufacturer OKM gives interested treasure hunters and detectorists the opportunity to get to know the metal detectors and ground scanners and to learn more about the different applications of the measuring instruments. In personal conversations, OKM experts will answer all questions and advise individually and in detail. If necessary, the special features of the detectors are explained directly at the device, training courses can also be arranged.

Due to corona contact restrictions, appointments will only take place in compliance with an adequate hygiene concept! Thank you very much for your understanding.

OKM managigng director Stephan Grund presents OKM’s all-inclusive 3D ground scanner eXp 6000.

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