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OKM is the only German manufacturer of 3D gold and metal detectors that has been officially tested and certified by independent technical experts from Germany’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Officially Tested and Certified Detectors

During the field tests of metal detection technology by OKM (also known as the „Future Series“) several tests were conducted by Dr. Karl-Heinz Walker. He is an independent physicist and technical expert for measuring and sensor technologies as well as a publicly certified expert of the IHK Karlsruhe (Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

All field tests were executed in July 2006. We supplied two of our best-selling products, the eXp 4000 as well as the Future 2005, to be reviewed by Dr. Walker, who picked some of the named devices by chance. The main reason for these reviews was to test the general trustworthiness and repeatability of the implemented detection technology we are using in our metal detectors.

With all selected products following tests have been performed:


  • Metal detection of several metal objects (iron, aluminum, gold)
  • Detection of underground voids (tunnels, plastic barrels)
  • Reliability and performance tests (nearby detection, scan resolution, target depths)

After testing our metal detectors on different sites and under different environmental conditions, the technical expert Dr. Walker presented a final field test report and issued an official signed certificate.

Property Rights, Patents and Trademark Registrations

In order to preserve the uniqueness of our detection technologies, OKM initiated trademark registrations and registered numerous utility modelspatents and property rights.

Authenticity verification of detectors

Over the last years lots of replicas and fake gold detectors have been introduced to the world markets. Many plagiarists pretend to manufacture 3D detectors “Made in Germany“, but actually produce e.g. in Turkey, China or Iran. Be aware of pirate copies and help us to protect gold and metal detectors from OKM against fraudsters.


  • Have you come across an alleged plagiarism of an OKM product and would like to report it?
  • Do you like to buy a detector or do you own a detector and want to make sure that it is an original OKM device?

Send us a message with further information, the serial number and photos of the device: